Our customer base has grown dramatically over the last 30 years with export customers in Ireland, Eastern Europe, USA, the Middle East, India, Central & South America and Australia.

We work closely with all our customers and distribution partners providing full support on logistics and the necessary paperwork. In addition we will aim to provide the highest level of technical support, backed up by full product safety data sheets and technical performance data.

“SIA Politech has been working with Ultrachem for many years. Things have changed over the years but their important values have stayed the same – supreme quality materials – essential for the growing quality demands in the printing industry. Ultrachem provide fast responses in solving everyday issues, precise technical information and, most importantly, a team of people, who are always there to support customers. Thank you for being with us through the years of our partnership.”

ILO Giels, from SIA Politech

“Ultrachem has been a great supplier of Chemistry to JAV Trading for many years. They have provided us with quality products, great technical service, awesome customer service, with a great understanding of mutual business. This has help us both to grow – thank you Ultrachem”

Jose L. Hasbun, President of JAV Trading Corporation

“Azevedo is conscious that it can only achieve the high level of quality demanded by their position in the market if they work with excellent partners and suppliers. Ultrachem has been a partner of great importance giving us undeniable value through their service and products.”

Sergio Albuquerque, CEO of Azevedo Albuquerque

“Ultrachem is a great partner to work with. They offer a good service and quality products that fulfill our costumer’s needs. We have a good business relationship which will continue in the future as we have always had excellent support and cooperation.”

Carlos Fernandes, Grafodinâmica