As one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers of coatings and press room consumables we understand the need to provide a wide range of product solutions from stock as well as having the ability to manufacture bespoke customer specific products.


UV & Conventional Sheet-fed Inks

Ultrachem has built a reputation for supplying a superb choice of sheet fed offset inks, under the Goldeneye family and more recently Van Son. The Ultrachem family of inks provides a choice of products for a wide range of requirements, no matter what the type of press. These include, fast setting, rub resistant, ISO 12647-2 and Pantone® colour options including Prima Eco Laser Safe. The partnership with Van Son gives access to a high quality inks that are renowned for colour reproduction and consistency.

Goldeneye Ultra UV process inks and blend bases are manufactured and designed for optimum sheet-fed and web-offset press performance. The Ultra range offers inks that can be printed on a variety of substrates including Plastic, PE coated and metallised polyester. In addition there are low odour and low migration options, all designed for high press speeds.

Flexo Ink, Coatings & Washes

Our Flexo range includes product solutions for Flexo and gravure printing on food and industrial packaging for the following applications:

  • Direct print on corrugated cardboard
  • Preprint on corrugated cardboard
  • Labels
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Paper sacks
  • Napkins / Tissue
  • Gift wrapping papers
  • Bakery Bags

The Ultrachem Flexo Product range:

  • Water based Flexo inks
  • Water based Flexo coatings
  • UV Flexo inks
  • Flexo Varnishes and adhesives
  • Flexo washes and additives
  • Ultrasonic cleaners

UV & Water-based Coatings

We manufacture a range of water-based coatings under the Aquarius and RWC Clearcoat brands. All coatings are manufactured to the highest specifications, using a strictly controlled supply of raw materials.

For UV applications, Ultrachem has developed the industry leading Nebula UV lacquer and Clearcoat Varnish ranges. This innovative range of coatings offers gloss, matt, pearlescent and tactile options. Included in the Clearcoat family is a range of digital primers and pre-coatings, designed for secondary printing on high speed digital machines.

IPA and Alcohol Replacement

As well as supplying high quality IPA Ultrachem offers a full range of alcohol replacement products. Recognising the considerable health & safety benefits of reducing the amount of alcohol used in the printing process we have developed a range of alcohol replacement products that are designed to be used with the minimum of press adjustments:

  • IPA
  • Ultrasol AR – advanced fount alcohol substitute
  • Prima ISO Alcohol – a high grade low cost alternative to IPA
  • Ultranol – a high flash point fount alcohol replacement product

Solvent Based Products

Ultrachem offers a full range of blanket and roller washes covering fast, medium or slow drying requirements as well as water miscible and non-water miscible options. In addition we can offer UV and HUV compatible washes recognising the increasing demand for Hybrid UV drying equipment.

The range also includes FOGRA certified products and approval from the leading press manufacturers. We also supply a comprehensive range of specialised cleaners including de-glazing cleaners and roller rejuvenator products.

Many of our solvent based products are supplied in the innovative Ecovent container (picture available which you should already have) which is designed to empty smoothly with the minimum of splashing.

Founts, Fount Additives & Maintenance

The Ultrachem fount solution portfolio has been designed to meet the most demanding of print environments. Considerable investment has been made to develop both FOGRA and press manufacturer approved products. Our fount range includes the following product types:

  • Conventional Sheet-fed Founts
  • HUV & UV Founts
  • Alcohol & IPA Reduction Founts
  • Heatset Founts
  • Coldset Founts
  • Founts for conventional and polyester plates
  • Ready to use founts
  • Fount additives and maintenance products

UV & Conventional Blankets

Our industry leading in-house blanket conversion facility has the capability to produce over 500 blankets a day and has access to several hundred barring profiles. This enables us to meet most blanket requirements on a next day basis. This service is further enhanced by being able to offer our customers a choice of the market leading Perfect Dot, Sava and Kinyo branded blankets as well as a competitively priced Primadot own label range.

Pre-press Plate Developers and Replenishers

Ultrachem ready to use thermal plate developer and replenisher have been designed to meet the needs of busy, pre-press departments.

  • Ultra CtP thermal plate developer gives consistent performance, combined with increased productivity and less processor down-time.
  • Ultra positive plate developer is for conventional plates and offers optimum bath life and reduced replenishment rates.
  • Prima Gum Washout is ideal for chemistry free thermal CtP plates

Press Room Sundries

At Ultrachem, we understand that busy press rooms cannot always predict what their requirements will be. In recognition of this, we have built up one of the UK’s biggest ranges of popular press room sundries:

  • Spray powder
  • Blue glass jackets
  • Anti-marking systems
  • Machine oils & greases
  • Fount additives
  • Wipes
  • Automatic wash cloths
  • Pantone guides
  • Perforating strips
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Vinyl & nitrile gloves
  • Hand care products